After a rather controversial, yet highly entertaining first season of the Tamil edition of Bigg Boss, the second season is back with a bang, with our Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan returning to resume his role as the host. We are back as well, with a detailed analysis of the tremendous interior design of the Bigg Boss house. With a great usage of fabric wall panelling and their extensive attention to detail, the highly skilled designers have once again stunned all audiences.

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The overall set has been pieced together at EVP Film City.

The TV reality series, which entertains the majority of the state, also has some heart to it. Apart from the fact that the pilot edition of Bigg Boss Tamil stole the hearts of entire Tamil Nadu, there is an entirely different aura that one would feel if they attempted to closely follow the way that the set has been contrived. This peculiar quality that only some die-hard followers of the show and those who have a genuine interest in the art of interior decoration appreciate has to be commended.

Despite the fact that it has proven to tremendously popular with the folks, the way the interior is decorated and designed does seem to have a cult following. Over the next couple of paragraphs, we will delve into each and every aspect of the Bigg Boss house of the second season.

Entering the House

kamal haasan introducing bigg boss house

As was customary in the last season of this cultural phenomenon, in this season as well, we have a backward tracking shot of the never-ageing Kamal Hassan taking us on a guided tour of the house where the sixteen housemates would be sharing space for the next hundred days.

The first thing that strikes our eye in the first frame in the background is a new naturistic wallpaper that has been so eloquently designed. With green foliage dominating the top left-hand corner of the wall, to flowers and farmland in the bottom left and right, we get to see another striking aspect of this excellent design: a scarecrow, like an icing on a cake.

This first frame is so very well worth discussing because it sets the tone for the season and definitely keeps you guessing (if you’re a connoisseur) about how the rest of the house would look like.

Extensive Use of Mirrors

pink room in bigg boss house for the girls

Although some may deem it to be insignificant, the use of mirrors was signified in the previous season, but this one seems to be the season in which there is twice as much of everything! It is widely known that the use of mirrors considerably makes your place bigger. Kamal is reflected continuously as he walks along to inspect new additions to the house!

Extra Lounge Area

Kamal exclaims in awe at the additional amount of lounge areas that have been incorporated this season! There are a lot; in fact, there are 4. There is a Colgate sponsored, red-themed lounge with a small, white, round table which excellently complements the red, and four chairs surrounding it.

This one lounge is brilliantly peculiar due to the fact that the walls are painted red as well. And to top it all off, there are lanterns hanging down from the ceiling with presumably mock tree leaves spread around!

The other one seems to be a Vivo-sponsored lounge area, again with the predominant colour being white, with blue themes brushed around. While these two are shown on camera, the other two are not. We could assume that the two shown on camera are the only ones sponsored!

The Foyer

While Kamal continuously and nonchalantly exclaims every time that he notices that everything has been changed, we are taken into the foyer which connects the swimming pool/lounge area, to the interiors of the house. A spiritual mix of orange washes over us.

Although many will choose to ignore this aspect of a large area of space, flushing it with vibrant colours definitely increases the emanation of the place.

In stark contrast, exactly opposite the orange tenor of the wall of the foyer, is a textured 3D-like wood-themed wall with light and dark shades.

The Kitchen

kamal haasan in bigg boss house kitchen

The same “island kitchen” style is replicated this season, with one major difference. Last year we got to see as minimalistic a kitchen as possible. This year, it is a bit more vibrant with big sponsor boards (Maggi, Amazon and Aachi) with a yellow tint and red brick walls.

Having an open kitchen is always a smart way to go about it because a closed kitchen feels, many a time, a bit too constricted. However, the decision to incorporate style and substance in this season will definitely go a long way in it being glorified.

The Dining Table

We finally arrive at what we feel is the best aspect of this year’s Bigg Boss House. The dining area! It is peppy, zippy, and full of dynamic exuberance!

Like seriously, who wouldn’t want to eat at this table?! The baseboard of the table is blue in colour is with plate coasters, and as if that weren’t enough, every opposite chair is of the same colour!

Colours are known to appreciate your mood, sometimes even considerably, and wouldn’t it be amazing to have food sitting at a table which is full of spirit and an assortment of colours?

The Seating Area

The first season’s house interiors exhibited a wide range of cool blue hues and an island-like theme throughout. This season seems to be all about circles! Whoever thought cogs could be a great idea for an interior design?

But the weird aspect of this is that it blends in so well with the overall atmosphere! Funky sprockets are decorated against a very dark shade of pink on one wall.

And as if to complement this, there is a huge round table which is a sprocket in front of the dazzling yellow sofas! This is ballsy interior decoration if you really think about it!

confession room bigg boss

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