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Let’s face it, pets are adorable! So much so that many choose to have them over children. A popular reason for this could be the fact that pets make it easy for their owners to socialise. A much more common reason for having pets is that they satisfy the basic human needs of care, affection, security, and help fight boredom as well.


With all these magnificent purposes that pets serve, it might sound very surprising to know that many apartment associations are not okay with the fact of having pets around. Each apartment’s regulation differs and hence, it is imperative to understand what kind of house you’re planning to buy before deciding to own a pet.


Choosing to build your own house would definitely reduce the impact of other people influencing your choices but even then, there would exist community regulations which might prevent you from owning a pet! Many of us scout the area considerably to validate whether there are good schools, gyms, temples, and hospitals, so it only makes sense to ensure the same whether you own a pet or are planning to own one.

dog and its owner lying facing each other

  1. Check with Your Flat Union to See If You Can Have Pets


Many apartments or flat unions impose detailed regulations which state the fact bluntly that you cannot own cats or dogs. One of the principal reasons for this could be that animal odour is almost impossible to get rid of and that will surely affect the resale value. Another reason could be that many neighbours consider a dog barking at any given time of the day a straight-up nuisance.

It is imperative, hence, that people must plan to purchase an apartment or house which has regulations that allow the owning of pets and are not too taken aback by the fact that a dog will bark whenever he/she has to. Go through association rules carefully because failure to do so can cause a flurry of penalizing on your part.

dog standing outside the door

  1. Ensure Veterinarian Hospitals/Clinics and Pet Shops are Close By  


Unlike humans, pets do not have the ability to exhibit the fact that they aren’t feeling too well. So, it is very important to do your research and find out where the best and closest vet is situated. One can also not be too sure of the fact that every grocery store will sell pet necessities.


So, scout for sure shot places where you know that you will get eatables and other necessities for pets, and make sure they are close by. It doesn’t compute to being very smart to be owning a pet and be forgetful of buying their food and other necessities.


  1. Find Out If Your House is Pet-Friendly

puppy sad because of lack of room

Ageing pets would have tremendous difficulty in climbing the steps or jumping on the sofa to be by your side. Ensure that the dog or cat that you’d be owning are able to follow their routines with ease. Even if you are buying a new pup, or kitten, they would eventually age (and faster than humans), and you have to make sure that they are as well taken care of in their old age as they are during their young age.

Another aspect to see while owning a pet in the house is that they should be able to run around freely. When the house is a bit constrictive, pets could very well end up depression and as a result of that, they would start chewing on things inadvertently such as table ledges or sofa handles. Make certain that the house is large enough for the pets to be happy while they are there.


  1. Match the Colours of Your Flooring to Your Pet’s Fur  

flooring of the house same colour as the pet's fur

This aspect must be of lower priority, but nonetheless, it is a very good idea. Pets shed occasionally, and hence there would be fur on your sofa, bench, chairs, and et cetera. Matching the colour of your pet’s fur to that of the flooring and tiles would not only make those furs shredded invisible but would also look good, in the greater scheme of things. It really doesn’t imply that you’re being fancy or anything of the sort and it certainly is a better idea than having a darkly coated dachshunds in a white-marbled hall!  


  1. Work on Your New Flat’s Interior Decor

When you are buying yourself a home, give your pets a home too! In addition to dog houses and pet furniture, painting a portion of your drawing room based on a pet theme and designing a micro-space just for your pets could be a good way to keep them engaged. If you have young children, this might appeal to them and it could bring them closer to your pets.

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Are you a pet owner? What are some other things you look for when you buy a house that has not been mentioned here? Comment below!

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