Design is the art of making your first impression with consumers. Ensuring it is a lasting one plays a huge role in doing that. The perimeter of your home demands careful designing, as this is the place that people would see as they step in. Builders of both apartments and independent villas, of late, have deliberately ceased to bother about the frontiers. Working on these has taken a back seat for them.

Why Is Interior Decoration Important to Any House

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Gone are the days when people built their homes which did not only cater to their needs, but also instilled awe of people who took sight of it.   Previously there were separate porches outside Indian houses for people to relax or have a chat as they walked past the houses. This was a way of socializing for people in those times.The menace of increase in population has restricted people to reside at constrained areas. Space constraints can be handled by approaching it smartly.

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Take the case of an  independent villa for example .The extension between the main gate and the door of the house can be utilized wisely. Apart from just parking facilities, the facade of a house requires a lot more for it to be welcoming. A garden, big or small,is commonly incorporated. The greens of the grass can be visually pleasing if they occupy  the boundaries. Certain plants do not require much space and hence they can germinate in the available area,whether it be in a pot or on the ground itself. The Areca Palm, the English Ivy, Indian Basil, Azalea are a few examples of the above stated kind. Even the apartments can have a few pots of plants like saplings. They serve the purpose of achieving a better aesthetic look, too.

Of course, fencing these plantations gives your house a stunning ambience. The type of fence you choose will not only play a key role in your home’s exterior design, but also provide one of the most important essentials of all  houses :security. A professionally installed fence gives every homeowner that true sense of secure feeling the purpose of achieving what he or she desires. Fencing, whether it be wood, a chain link or wrought iron, will greatly add to its essence.fencing around the perimeter of the house

While an aluminium fencing gives an attractive look and demands less maintenance, it will definitely not be suited for severe weather conditions. Though the wooden ones are expensive, it turns out  that they are a popular option of house owners owing to their long lasting owing . The cheapest option you could go for would be fencing made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).They are less sturdy when compared to the wooden ones.  Iron fencing should be your choice, if you are looking forward for some funky designs. The cost and the maintenance are the factors that you may have to consider .A bamboo fencing provides an extravagant appearance to your house. Much of architecture can be installed in naturally fabricated sticks which are rolled. They provide a classic touch to the design.

Gates are the first element that captures the eye of every visitor. Be it an apartment or an individual villa, both demand a massive structure, with embedded designs on it. A random stranger passing by would get a very good  impression from your gate. One might expect something more, rather than just the ability to fit a lock on the gate. They have been proven to be the most elegant structures in the designing process.steel gates outside a mansion

Some people might prefer absolute privacy, thereby choosing not to have any possible view through the gate. While a few others might prefer a nominal view inside,which gives the passer-by a decent look of the house. Many people do prefer the structure be encompassed with no view at all. A stylish design containing a  classic mix of design is admired by the masses of today. Materials like iron, wood and metal are common choices for gates. Painting the gates in a color that falls insync with your house color is a cool idea. A suitable nameplate, which matches your gate designs, may read the name of the house that the inhabitant has chosen for it, or the name of the owner itself. Privacy and security are two guiding principles that people choose to follow these days when they are in the process of  buying a home. Hence, it is also essential to install sufficient means for security in addition to the designs. One common way would be to own a dog. But many people do not prefer making the dogs stay outside , and hence a simple sign that reads “beware of dogs” would suffice.hard wooden door

Another security aspect  to consider would be the doors themselves, which is again not very different in the cases of apartments and the individual houses. Mostly fabricated of wood, doors are made to be even more secure than they used to be. They can even have a small transparent window or a peep hole to enable identification of the person outside before opening the door. Another method used is the installation of security consoles so that short people can see who are outside as well through a video feed from a camera placed outside. (We can also add speaking functionalities with well-placed mics on the outside and inside so that people can ensure the identity of the person) This ensures further security.

Apartments also house recreations such as parks and pools, while individual villas might install a garden swing outside the house. The outdoor lighting facilities enhance the exteriors by dusk.  Decorative lights which include hanging lights, flush mount lights and wall lights are impressive choices you can select from. There are also options such as landscape and deck lights.aerial view of play area

All these attributes put together serve top-of-the-class security as well as an exotic look to your facade. Kids today are in constant touch with electronic gadgets. They find video games to be more appealing than outdoors. The spirit of the kids playing hard has diminished. One reason that could be attributed to this fact might be the lack of quality space outside.

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So what sort of impression do you want to make?

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