Space. This one word haunts homeowners worldwide, regardless of the size of the homes they own! ‘What causes a lack of space?’ one might ask.

living room with lots of space

Does The Size of the House Influence Space Available?

It could be that since a person owns a house of considerable size, he or she would feel the necessity to fill every small space available with some extra utility. When something like this happens over a period of time, a spacious house loses its space.

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On the contrary, houses of smaller sizes tend to feel over-occupied as a result of minor mistakes that could have been made by its occupants.


The most common mistake by homeowners of smaller houses is placing objects that are large in size.


The size of objects placed in and around the house have the propensity to influence the overall look of the house.


So, the question still remains: what can be done to make the rooms in your house look bigger?

The solution might stupefy some people. Mirrors! Yes, mirrors. Read on to find out more about how mirrors play an important role in making your rooms look bigger!


Mirrors?! How do I use them to project my rooms to look bigger?


    Mirrors are primarily used to create illusions. Placing them at the right places and the right angles is the key to making this work.

Use Different Types of Mirrorssliding mirror closed doors

    Mirrors, like any other accessory, come in different shapes,sizes and types as well. One type of mirror in particular can aid in promoting the spaces of your rooms. They’re known as textured mirrors.


Mirrors that are textured already come with a distinct finish that will reflect artifacts that you have kept in your room. What textured mirrors do is they create a three-dimensional feel to the entire room and all your tables and vases would get another depth added to them.


Doing this will get rid of that congested feel away from rooms, and hence will enhance the room’s overall outlook.


Place Them All Together!

    Mirrors can be grouped together to create the feeling of the availability of more space. What’s more is the fact that there won’t be a shortage of mirrors to check your appearance on mirrors! Just don’t go for expensive ones.


Pick them all up from discount stores as it does not really matter the quality of the mirrors that you are using, as much as the number of mirrors you are using. One thing to be made sure of is that they are all of similar shapes and make so that consistency is maintained.


Additionally, you can place paintings or framed pictures on the opposite side of the wall. The mirror reflected images will add a zest to the room that might have always seemed missing!

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Fitting Your Closet Doors With Mirrors


    This is a very smart thing to do and is widely incorporated in American homes.


Again, they serve the purpose of being handy whenever you want to check yourself out, and seem to add more depth and space to your rooms.


A good idea would be to paint room in lighter colors so that the rooms feel a bit more level-headed and as comfortable as possible.


Place Them Higher On Walls

mirror placed higher on the walls

    This method can be put to use in two ways. The mirror can either be placed singularly or they can be extended from the bottom to top. What this does is, it maximizes the overall space that is seemingly available to make it appear as if there is a lot of space. This method best works if the mirrors are placed in the living room with a wide chandelier backdrop. There would be an equal balance of elegance and comprehensibility to make your living room look that much bigger in size.


Use Wide Mirrors in Bathrooms

bathrooms with wide mirrors

    The most common trait of any home which is a lot more on the smaller size is that the bathrooms and other smaller rooms feel smaller than they actually are.


A tried and tested solution for this would be to place wide mirrors in them. Placing wide mirrors in smaller bathrooms would considerably improve their size and make them seem even more spacious.


One thing that everybody wants is to not feel constrained in any room they are in. It does not promote positivity and can lead to a lot of dire psychological consequences. Using big and wide mirrors to solve this problem would definitely work.


Place Them Opposite to Each Other


    We’ve covered the basic aspects of mirrors being placed to make rooms bigger, and most of them involve placing singular ones on walls or smart placements to create the illusion of a bigger room. Another quirk can be added to this! Instead of placing just one mirror, you can try placing two, on adjoining walls.


This creates the illusion of the rooms looking considerably bigger, and what’s more, it adds a unique feel to the room. Enchant your guests with a unique feel to the room. It would give the room an elegance and glossy touch that  it deserves.


To sum it all up, there are even more ways you can mix and match mirrors to make your rooms look considerably bigger. The advantage with mirrors is that so many types are available and hence there would be one that would quite perfectly meet your requirements, regardless of your budget.

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Know any more tricks and combinations to use mirrors? Have we left anything out? Let us know in the comments section below!  

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