There are many interior decoration styles to choose from. While some people opt for simple design, without too many flashy ideals, many people look for that tint of something else. Something vastly different, and definitely something that is eye-catching! Jungles create a feeling of primal living.


How about a jungle-themed home then? No, we don’t mean literally that you should display plants or trees from the wilderness.


But there is a certain appeal to styling your home jungle-like. Read on to find out more about how you can bring this all into your interiors and create a robust feel for the house that you have always wanted to display!

safari wall decor for living room

Safari-Inspired Design

Safaris can be pertinent to any form of tourism! There are safaris ranging from jungles to sea!

But what people mostly associate with the term ‘Safari’ is travelling extensively through the savannas of South Africa filled with wild animals and sights that are native to that region.

You can bring that feel subtly into your homes as well! Fill your home’s living room with light browns. Hang a picture on the wall of a map. Lay down carpets with zebra skin patterns.


We know that the colors black and white suit any background and balancing them with the shades of brown that you use on the walls and the fabrics of the sofa will fly high.

Full On Jungle

    This might seem a bit complex, and requires the planning and buying of a lot of things, but if executed well, it would appear gorgeous!



The key to this style lies in choosing the right plants to display in your decor. The most common jungle plant is the bamboo, and displaying that is essential in accomplishing this trick. Another key to this again, is balancing the browns perfectly.

Making the browns too dark would make the interior look glum and moody. The wall shades could be painted with a medium shade of brown, and round wooden stools can be placed to get that antique feel to the room.


Achieving all this with a wide background of actual forest via windows makes it complete!

Bedroom Safari

safari bedroom decorating ideas - modern interior paint colors

    It sounds funky, and it sure is! This technique can be best implemented by hanging pictures of desert animals on the walls.


That’s the first key! Yet again, brown is pertinent, but not too much of it on the walls, at least. A higher shade of white has to be incorporated and balanced with matching brown furniture.


The furnitures can comprise of any shade of brown ranging from light to dark and there lies the overall key in making your room look jungle-like and wild!


In the Dining Room

Dining Room Jungle

    The dining room is where most of us feel either comfortable or not. There’s no two ways about it. Therefore, it is essential that the place and area be made comfortable to be in.


Comfortable does not necessarily mean simplicity. You can add your decor touch however you feel fit. So, it doesn’t hurt to make it a bit groovy by adding a wilder touch to it!


Below the table, you can add carpets which have tiger stripes, or plant designs. On the walls, pictures of greeneries can be added. The key to bring this style out successfully would be in not overdoing paints on the walls.


White is enough. Even the tables do not have to be of certain color. Again, white would suffice.


Go for Gold


    The desert storm color scheme is one of the most attractive colors you could go for, but some people do not seem to have an affinity for it.


In this case you could go for colors like gold, oak or beech. To go along with the foliage and plants that you are potentially going to keep, gold seems like one of the best options to go for.


This creates a beautiful contrast against the green of the plants. This design is fairly simple and does not take a lot of effort to pull off.


Oak gold is one of the most pleasing colors to the eye and the most evident advantage from this method is that you can make all the arrangements yourself!


Exotic Plants do the Job


    Plants add that exotic flavor in your homes. One of the best examples of exotic plants areCacti cacti. They may be dangerous if you touch them, but they do add a lot of the convenient factor that you need very much, especially if you follow a busy lifestyle. They hardly need regular maintenance. Since they are primarily grown in dry and arid areas, they do not need watering at all. The main advantage of all this is the fact that these plants will definitely complement your house in such a way that it looks totally exuberant. That’s all most of us want isn’t it? And since cacti aren’t very expensive, there really isn’t a lot of money you are going to be spending to make this work.


Jungle-Inspired Wallpaper


    If plants aren’t too convenient for you, even ones like cacti, you can definitely go for jungle-inspired wallpapers.


You can obtain them at very inexpensive rates. These wallpapers come in different designs for you to incorporate them. The one thing that might matter is the color of your walls.


White and brown would be perfect, as specified many times previously. Orange, green and white are the colors of the wallpapers you should be looking for. Also go for designs which exhibit trees like the palm tree, or the banana tree to add zest to your interiors.


Are you also considering to bring in these designs to add to the beauty of your house? Are you aware of any other ways to add a jungle-like feel to your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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