Vaastu Shastra, which means the Science of Homes, is a scientific concept of the old ages that focuses upon the five main elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky.


One of the prime principles behind the Vaastu Shastra is that it adds a lot of value to people’s lives, positively. Even if it is an age-old principle, it is incorporated in today’s day and age primarily because of the fact that it has been proven that Vaastu Shastra really does bring a lot of peace and positivity to people’s lives!


Here are nine changes that you can incorporate into your house to bring in all the glory and wonders of the Vaastu Shastra!


Placing a Picture or Statue of a Deity


In many houses, as soon as you enter the house, there are a lot of blank spaces on walls. Usually this entrance is used as an aisle to enter the house which leads to the living room.


This empty wall space can be filled in with sculptures or pictures of deities such as Lord Shiva, Ganesha, et cetera. This incorporates a feeling of high-spiritedness as soon as you enter the house or when you are exiting it.

statue of a deity -Vinayagar

Lord Hanuman to the Rescue!


When your house is constructed you may have some bores drilled into your wall and more often than not they would be facing the wrong direction.


Plus, bores really look odd and don’t really fit into the overall ambience of the house. Enter Lord Hanuman. Fill in those bores with his pictures or statues in the south-west direction. Direction is the key here.


Placing it in this direction is known to spread around positivity and happiness all around the house and its inhabitants.




When meditating, the best direction to be facing while doing that would be the north-east direction.


Again, this is something that elders have been evocating for a long time. Meditating or praying facing this direction is known to affect your spiritual growth positively.

meditation and yoga for spiritual well  being

Family Photographs


Place your family photographs in the south-west direction on a table or stand of sorts. Doing this is known to boost your family relations.


Placing photographs of happy moments that you had spent with your family will really keep up your morale and soon find that happiness buds.


Pro-Tip: Place those photographs in frames which are gold or yellow in color. An added boost would be if you select frames that have sunflowers as outlines!

family photographs hanging on the wall

Study Table


Place your kids’ study table in the east direction to improve their studies. It is a widely known fact that the place where the kids sit in to study or do their homework can have a lot of effect in their overall performance in the same.


This comes from the same school of thought that says that you are not supposed to situate your kids’ study tables to face the room’s windows. Having access to a view outside can negatively impact your child’s studying performance and it is best to avoid it!

books on the study table

Number of Doors and Windows


The number of doors and windows that have been put into the house to this date causes a lot of OCD among homeowners.


How many should be there? To maintain an even keel of balance in your lives, you should always ensure that there are an even amount of doors and windows that are existent in your house, like two, four, six, eight, et cetera.


Here is where it might get a little bit more tricky. The number of doors and windows in your house must not be any even number which contains a zero. Ten, twenty, thirty, are all prohibited!

even number of doors and windows

Do Not Clutter the Space Underneath your Bed!

Many of us have the habit of cluttering the space underneath our beds with stuff that we do not use much.


Anything that seems to be interfering with the space on top, goes right under the bed. A lot of times, even if we promise ourselves to clean that clutter up later on, we forget to do so, and the pile would keep increasing to a never-ending amount.


The side effects? It affects your life negatively! Remove the clutter underneath your bed and keep it clean and empty. According to the Vaastu Shastra, it is known to weigh you down, keep thinking of the past, and eventually does not allow progression!

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master bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall

Avoid Sleeping Adjacent to Sharp Corners


Most of us are happy if we just hit the sack after a long day’s work. But hardly any of us put much thought and energy into planning the way we sleep!


Planning your sleep is very important. When you sleep, it is very important you don’t place your head next to sharp corners of the walls. They are known to act as energy spears, and invoke excessive stress in the central nervous system.


Fish Aquariums


Fishes are the most harmless of all sea animals. Unlike animals like dogs and cats (the author of this post loves dogs 🙂 ) they do not demand attention and are well suited to the solace seeking kind. And guess what?


They bring your house positivity and negate all other forms of energy. Fixing fish aquariums in the north-east direction of the house really helps promote personal growth and invokes harmony.

betta fish in a fish tank


In conclusion, there are many other ways you can incorporate Vaastu Shastra in your homes. The key is, whichever method you incorporate, you have to maintain it and keep at it to see the positives and effects of this age old science.  


Do you know any more ways that you can implement to benefit from the positives of Vaastu Shastra? Do let us know in the comments!

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