We would have dreamt of owning a house many times in our lives and it always would be perfect. Perfect aesthetics, perfect dimensions, and perfect floorings, basically perfect everything. That perfection is what we hope to achieve as we pour most of our savings into a house. That perfection would magically turn the house into a home of comfort.

When the time finally arrives, you would be plagued with a rather crucial question, “Should I buy a house on my own or should I hire a realtor?” The answer to that depends on the knowledge you possess on the Real estate industry and the market performance and functionalities of the city.

Buying a house on your own

Suppose you decide to go solo on your house hunt. First, you should have the time to visit the various properties in your preferred location. Thorough knowledge of the price comparison on similar properties sold in that locality, ability to comprehend legal terms and conditions, techniques on how to inspect a property and finally good negotiation skills are incumbent in your hunting.

Even if you lose on a single aspect, there is a high chance of falling into a trap either price-wise, policy-wise or you might end up in a defective house. There are many real events with all the aforementioned occurrences because the buyer didn’t possess adequate experience. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t procure a house on your own. If the seller is someone you know and trust which generally encompasses your relatives and friends, the purchase is supposed to be safe. But even then it helps to have someone in your corner who could comprehend and explain all the legal clauses that come with the agreement.

Hiring a Realtor

A Realtor is a professional who has skilled expertise in property dealings and has educated themselves on the market performance which consistently grows with increased experience. A buyer’s agent would incorporate all the buyer’s suggestions and interests and then come up with a handful of property suggestions. A Realtor would help you with all the critical and even trivial aspects:

  • Match properties according to your budget, preferred location, neighborhood requirements, etc. This would save you an enormous amount of time.
  • Perform a comparable sales analysis on similar properties in that specific location.
  • Dig up every bit of information on the neighborhood (The seller might not have disclosed some facts).
  • Negotiate the price and the other legal clauses relating to the purchase agreement.
  • Do a careful home inspection.
  • Take care of all paperwork filled with legal jargon.

Unless you are familiar with the process of buying a house, it’s a safe bet to hire a realtor.

How does Spini help you?

Spinircle, a company with an established dexterity on Real estate, will meticulously go through the process, match properties to your preference and assist in the inspection and final negotiations. Even more, they don’t take any commissions from the buyer. With an experienced professional team skilled in Real estate jargon, they hold your hand in each step and guide you towards that perfection. Your home.

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