Buying a home is a nightmare because you have to take into account various critical factors involved (But first, you should know what those factors are!). If you are one of those lucky people who have loads of free time available

  • to perform market research,
  • gather knowledge on various available properties,
  • filter out the ones which don’t meet your criteria and
  • inspect physically the selected ones,

Then Great !!

But we could all acknowledge not everyone has the time. A lot of us (including me) even feel petulant to go through the process of meticulously factoring in every nuance of detail.

Spini’s professional advice in buying a home

Spini works with India’s top builders and makes sure consumers find their dream home. They also help them in procuring loans and designing the interiors. With a vast experience in the Real estate sector, they list some of the noteworthy parameters which you should consider when buying a home.

Property comparison

This is one of the more prominent factors when buying a home. Gather a list of similar properties that were sold in your neighborhood and identify the prices at which they were sold. This would give you an idea of whether the seller’s price coincides with the price of those sold properties.

Having this knowledge would come vital when negotiations are handled. Otherwise, you could end up being cheated as you pay substantially more. Then it would be too late to rebut as you would be entangled in legal clauses.

To compare properties click here

Analyze hot properties

This is more of a strategy when viewing properties online. Hot property listings would provide you with many offers and discounts on multiple properties on multiple locations. This is essentially helpful when you don’t have a location preference. You could then analyze all the properties and settle on the one which offers the best possible value for your investment.

Even if you do have a location preference, I recommend going through those property deals. It may suddenly fixate you on a better property with a sweet deal in a neighborhood location. To analyze hot properties, click on this link.

Why should you hire a Realtor?

When you decide to buy a home, A realtor solves all your troubles. Moreover, it’s better to approach a realtor when you have little to no idea about the Real estate industry and the functionalities of the market.

A Realtor thrives on their invaluable experience and their vast knowledge of the market performance. They are experts in the Real estate sector and they handle complex tasks such as property inspection, deciphering of all the legal jargon with ease.

They also possess a vast knowledge about the details on the neighborhood and property even which the seller has optioned not to disclose.

How does Spini help you with buying a home?

Spini, being a well-established and reputed partner doesn’t procure any commissions from the buyer. They have helped hundreds of people get settled on their dream home. With the specifications and requirements you provided, they match various properties in your preferred location.

Providing guidance in the final negotiation process, taking care of all legal jargon are some of the signature services they offer.

If you are looking for a property and searching for a realtor to help you in buying a home, reach out to us directly.

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