Adieu, 2019! 

It’s the fifth year of Spini since we had this idea of creating a sales intelligence channel for companies. 2019 started in a big way, with Spini acquiring two major international clients. We started providing growth hacking services to companies looking at India as their next growth market. We also got involved in helping real estate clients in Chennai generate more leads and, in turn, increase closures. Our field team started supporting them as we got into the Channel Partner business in real estate space. The growth had been possible because of the tireless efforts put by the team Spini that wanted to make a difference. The year was also special as our Chairman, Eddie Chau, visited the Chennai office. The vision for 2020 is set. Spini is geared up for a great journey along with our clients. We would want to celebrate their success as we take roads towards our growth.

To our clients and partners

While our clients have shown tremendous faith in our capabilities, we would like to show commitment beyond the contract. To celebrate the success, Spini had a “Thank You” event at Hotel Trident on Dec 27, 2020. The evening had participation from most of our clients in Chennai. 

We would like to thank all our clients from real-estate, tech, healthcare, and financial services for giving us opportunities to help them serve their business. On behalf of Spini, our current employees and alumni who have worked relentlessly for us, we would like to thank all our clients, partners, and well-wishers for unleashing our capability. We love you all and look forward to a great 2020. Let’s grow our business and create a significant value-add to society. 

Spini family

Happy New Year 2020

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