On December 12, 2019, Spini was bestowed with a prestigious award by Casagrand. Spini was awarded, ‘Best Debutant 2018 – 2019 – All-Rounder Award’.

Spini’s CEO, Mr.Shankar, proudly accepted the award and dedicated it to his team who had worked with their heart and soul for this achievement.

Who is Casagrand?

Casagrande is one of the leading Real estate players in India. With 90+ landmark properties, 15k+ happy families and 20 million developed sq.ft, they have excelled at delivery value and aspirations for the last 15 years.

Spini and Casagrande

Spini joined hands with Casagrande as a Channel partner towards the end of 2018. Until now, they have remained as one of the esteemed Channel partners providing them with quality leads and extensively managing project closures.

With uncompromised lead quality and 10+ project closures, Spini has established itself as a veritable Channel partner in the sea of experienced Channel partners. Below is the photograph captured during the event. Spini was awarded the Best Debutante 2018-19 for it’s all-round performance. There was a special mention about the quality of the leads shared by Spini.

Spini - Best Channel Partner

About Spini

Spini helps their clients through the entire sales conversion process from generating verified quality leads to managing closures. Their core value-add is diminishing customer acquisition cost.


It helps consumers find their dream homes by filtering all leads through a strong human verification process to understand their requirements to the minute details. 

Spini is now in collaboration with 40+ builders as a Channel partner. This significant upshot can be attributed to the trust the builders have in Spini’s sturdy process.

What is the future?

Spini has made a mark. This award is a milestone noteworthy of their consistency in their quality. It has now upshifted its gear. There are many more milestones to achieve. It will be accomplished. This award is a testament to that mission.

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