About Us

Founded in 2014 by a group of collective thinkers with a similar passion, Spini specializes in offering end-to-end sales enablement services to companies in real estate, interiors, and financial services.

For Real-Estate Players

Spini works with top builders in Chennai and Coimbatore. We help our clients with branding their product/ service, generate quality leads, verify leads, engage in customer interaction and manage closures. Our core value-add is in helping our clients reduce their cost of acquiring their customers.

For Consumers

Spini provides property search by bringing in a combination of AI-based tool with human verification model. Every lead (query or requirement) that we generate through online and offline channels go through a human verification process to get an in-depth understanding of the requirements. We help consumers find the best-matched product or service be it their dream home, help them find loans at the lowest rates and provide options for their interiors.

Why are we different

While it is a fashion for companies to spend money on online ads, Spini helps it’s clients to optimize their ad budget and run campaigns that give them high ROI. We break the myth on paid marketing. When we combine this service with lead generation and sales conversion the value is high for our customers. We present a content strategy to our clients to engage with their target customers for a longer duration. The key is to help our clients reach the right target segment, engage with them, create a positive impact and generate quality leads



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