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Is it good to buy a flat in Mahindra City, Chennai for investment purpose?  

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I have seen that property details and map location etc..!! I'm looking for investment purposes within a budget 30 Lakhs (1bhk) if you having within that budget kindly suggest to me. Thank you

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Dinesh R K
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Mahindra World City has pioneered in the concept of Sustainable Urban Communities. These large-format integrated cities create self-fulfilling environments that are promoted with the tagline "Livelihood, Living and Life". These cities are economic nerve-centers and attract large corporations, with an emphasis on economic development and employment generation by creating an appropriate infrastructure base that includes residential, commercial, and institutional areas.

As of now there is no 1BHK available, and in coming years they have planned to come up with another block full of 1BHK and let you soon mam.

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