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We tend to compare a lot of things in life. From the products that we buy on a day to day basis like phones, tech, and even groceries, we compare. That is just the basic human tendency and nobody can change this aspect. We like comparing because of the simple fact that we all like finding better products between given choices, and selecting something that is also of lower price.  

This considerably makes choosing a lot more easier. But, when it all boils down to simplicity, all people care about are the proper distinctions between two more products. Simple. Water. Fire. Blue. Red. This and that.

When it comes to purchasing a property, apartment, villa or plot, every buyer will want to compare the pros and cons of the choices that they have available for them. Why is this? Property purchases are supposed to be a simple process overall should it not? We would like to reiterate a point that was mentioned earlier: Each and every property is different. It isn’t supernatural; it’s just a cold and hard fact!

So when you have properties that are different in nature, it is only natural that everybody would want to know the ways in which they are different. This is done so that they get a clear-cut information which covers every single aspect of the property.

This was one of the primary reasons why we at Spini felt that we would have to incorporate a tool which helps users compare different properties.

This idea, which started off as a bud, has now been developed into something that is unique and complex on the inside, and yet so simple to use on the outside.

Are you paying right price for the amenities provided by a property developer?
You might be spending a lot of time visiting most of the properties in these regions. Analyze, compare and take a decision based on how the sales guy might explain the property to you. Isn’t it true that a lot of purchase decision is made based on how the product is described to you?
To enable your decision making and also to reduce time spent on the field, we have come up with a comparison tool, where all the properties in Shollinganallur, Mogappair and Poonamallee can be compared based price, property size, number of floors, amenities and current status of the project. Wouldn’t it be great if we help you do half the homework, sitting at home and make the comparison needed to select your dream home?
Start comparing properties
The right property in the right place at the right price is what we all aspire for. Isn’t it? Most of us feel bad after we make that advance payment to the builder when we come across a better property in the neighborhood. As mentioned earlier in the blog, it is about how the property is being marketed to you. You tend to visit the property that is marketed the most but shouldn’t you be taking an informed decision especially in a place like Shollinganallur, Poonamallee or Mogappair where there is umpteen number of options for you to select from.
Spent a lot of time searching for properties in Shollinganallur?  
Shouldn’t you be knowing about the each and every amenities and the extra price that you pay because of them. For a property that are close to each other, isn’t it your right to understand the price difference and the reason for it’s differential pricing.
Forget about who you approach, but it is your right to know about all the properties, and we at Spini built a tool that will help you compare and make you more educated about the place.
No more half-baked knowledge… Let’s compare and take better decisions.

The process is very simple. All you would have to do to compare properties is to traverse to this link:

You should then choose “Add Property” and select the city, location, and the property of your choice. Note that you will not be able to compare properties if you select only one. You will have to select at least two or a maximum of four properties and only then you will be allowed to click the compare button.

As soon as you do, you will see a list of factors that the properties are all compared against. Some of them are City, Location, Budget, and et cetera. This tool also compares properties based on the list of amenities that are available in the specific properties. The comparison ranges used are extensive, but at the end of the day, each and every single person will be able to understand its usage, and functionalities.

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That’s it. You’re done. This simple process will take lesser than ten minutes of your time. One of the primary reasons for this is due to its usage and simplicity. One of the primary reasons we came up with this simplistic tool was because we felt that everybody deserved to know and understand the different features of a property before deciding to go for it. This certainly does save a trip or two to the construction site, if the apartment is being built, or the property itself if it has already been built.

We hope that this article served as a mini-manual to use our property comparison tool! Do let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section down below and do stay tuned for more content!


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