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When it comes to business growth, there really is not a clear shot way of doing so. Doing it or pursuing it for your own company is one thing. Coming up with strategies to do the same for another business or a client is another thing.


What is Business Growth?

Business Growth

Business growth comes in many forms, and what is really important is the fact that you must have it specifically tailored to your business. Business growth can be categorized into various categories, namely, sales growth, market expansion, and business value growth.

How Digital Marketing Helps Real Estate Businesses Grow

While a lot of people are primarily focused on just sales growth, other people are focused on various other things as well. But if you are focused on just sales growth, there are a lot of ways to achieve this outcome. In any case, every business is ultimately only focused upon increasing sales and market value.




There are certainly some strategies that a lot of businesses can follow to refine their approach to refine the conventional strategies that people usually follow. Some of them might seem absolutely straightforward, and hence will be easy to implement; and others might seem not so much, and may come across as bland, and/or blunt.


Where does one begin though?


You need to start off with a plan. That does mean that you should just start off with a bud and leave it at that; rather, it implies that if you have a plan, you need to know it and follow it religiously. Simply coming up with one, and brushing it off simply isn’t going to cut it!

Strategies - business growth

Plans need to be etched out and followed conventionally, unlike ones that are not followed. A lot of businesses have strategies, but they work only if you keep coming back to it, updating it, and following it even more so.


What Spini does is, to start off with the “getting-to-know” phase of the customers, both existing and ideal. Many a times, you would have to cater to them specifically and perfectly if you would like for them to hold onto your brand, and loyal as well.


What we have today in the existing market are customers who are very much well informed, so if you do not cater to them or not offer something that they are not interested in or like, they will move immediately and switch to another brand or product or service.


At Spini, we were able to transcend beyond the general basics of these strategies.


Distribution Systems


We all need to have a plan, and getting the product to the customer as fast as possible, with the least amount of effort possible. You need to understand what the best way is to reach the customer with the


Marketing Efforts

Marketing Efforts - business growth

Another key aspect that we all have to focus upon for the client is the marketing effort that is involved in each and every product or service that the client has in their store to offer.


The days are gone when the marketing effort that the customer needs to put in is very small. The effort involved has to be big, regardless of whether the business is small or big.


Spini gives equal emphasis to each and every client, thereby, not sidelining them. A lot of companies think that putting up advertisements on Google is enough for their business to have a decent reach. On the contrary, this is completely not true. It is okay to put up ads, but unless you understand the nuances of the same, it is completely pointless.


The Spini Way to Acquiring More Customers


Spini follows certain methodologies that have been proven before and even now to work well with prospective customers. With clients like the Hiranandani Parks, NEST Builders, and Coral Safari (the latter of which won the National Tourism Award for “Most Innovative and Unique Project” of 2016-17 by the way) there has to be a standardized methodology, as mentioned before.


Catch our next blog to know more about the Spini Way to Acquiring Customers, full-on, and in-depth! We hope you had an excellent time reading this article! Do let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section down below! Til’ next time folks!

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