Prayer room or pooja room really is an integral part of each and every Indian home. It doesn’t matter if you follow Hinduism, a Islam or Christianity; you can be assured that each and every Indian home would have a prayer room or a mandir, to keep the faith alive, each and every single day.


One common aspect, with regards to these prayer rooms is that they are often unconsciously ignored when the overall decor of the house is renovated. Some people often stick to having a simple and mainstream style of pooja rooms that does not add value to the general decor of the house whatsoever. Because people ignore these aspects, they fail to smoothly shift from the traditional style of pooja rooms or mandirs to something far more modern.


Read this article to know just how you can do that, so that the prayer room or the mandir will not look as much different from the rest of your house, as they usually do!


Here are four ways you can decorate your pooja room or mandir!

Seven Common Elements of Indian Interior Design

Lighting Your Mandir


Conventionally, mandirs or pooja rooms are lit with diyas and candles, but a lot of pooja rooms these days are opting for a lot more cleaner options, which are also safe, like plain and conventional lights that you can use even in your living rooms. These lights give your pooja room the much needed glow that is totally vibrant, and bright. This will ensure that the pooja room in your house looks absolutely divine.


To achieve this look, however, you have to choose colors that are soft and lights that you are able to dim, to achieve the desired look, according to whatever setting you go for. It would be best if you choose automatic lights that cost a bit more, but which you can change the brightness of with just a few controls on the phone.


In this setting, the back of the panel, behind the idols, are lit up, highlighting all the glorious aspects of the idols, and which you can focus on without having to strain considerably. With this light, yet divine glow, it frames all the idols and other religious items.

Lighting Your - pooja room

Ensure You Choose the Right Space


If you think about it, any empty space that you have in your home can be converted into an area where you can situate your idols. Open spaces, and redundant corners of your home that nobody seems to be using can be transformed into the prayer room or mandir quite easily, and quite effortlessly. The advantage with these open spaces in your home that nobody uses is that you would have subconsciously made arrangements to light it up in certain ways, totally keeping the future in mind.


In these sort of spaces, since you have a lot of light coming in from natural sources, it is a great idea to make use of colors that light for the platforms, and hues that are vibrant on the walls. This will ensure that there is an excellent sense of contrast, and will definitely ensure that all eyes are drawn to attention towards this area of your house.


You would also need to ensure that these spaces are not overcrowded with many different idols, because of the fact that having way too many idols is not a great idea and can make your empty spaces, even if you have them, seem stuffed. You have to follow the K-I-S-E rule: Keep it simple, and elegant.


Another way you can go about this is, you can add additional shelves within these open spaces. By doing this, you will be able to place more idols within the space you have.

Ensure You Choose the Right Space - pooja room

Go for Small


A lot of people we know are not fans of huge pooja rooms or prayer rooms, as they feel that it might take a lot of space up. Another section of people simply don’t have the space for it. If you’re one of those people as well, you can choose to go with a smaller design that is easy on the eyes, and completely functional, and elegant. These small types of pooja rooms blend really well with the overall decor of the room, and the entire house.


You should look to integrate the color schemes that are existent throughout the surroundings. Simple, open settings like these feature an idol, and a couple of pictures of other complementary idols. The advantage with this type of setup is also the fact that it consists of lighting that completely focuses upon the idols without appearing too flamboyant and intrusive. As it was mentioned before, it completely blends in with the design of the entire house, and color schemes.

Small space pooja room

Artful Ambience


Some of the best pooja rooms or mandirs or prayer rooms can be a fusion of a lot of previously mentioned designs, making it a totally memorable enhancement, and completely modern. For this type of setting you need to give all your artistic tendencies a much needed whirl. This should serve the purpose of being stylish and being a completely dazzling version of the pooja room or the mandir. You can keep a large idol on the floor, on top of a mat that you’ve laid out. It goes easy on the eyes, and emphasises the idols that you pray to generally.

Artful Ambience - pooja room

We hope you’ve had an interesting read. Do stay tuned for more articles like this and let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below! Happy Ganesh Chaturti to all our readers 🙂


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