There can be a lot of cool features you can incorporate into that custom home you’re just getting built. Yes, we are trying to be fancy when we mention “custom-home” instead of “individual-homes”, but you’ve got to be a bit flashy when you think you’ve got some English knowledge right?


A house tends to become monotonous when things are the way they are at two ends of the spectrum: One is minimalistic, and the other is overzealous. Funky always works. We care about you, and to break away from all this monotony, here are unique elements that you can add or incorporate into your homes! Have fun!


Prep Kitchens


The concept is simple. But the execution is tremendous. What looks like just a cabinet door, has a pantry hidden behind it. That’s a prep kitchen (another seemingly fancy word). The cabinet door leads people to another similarly sized room where you can store your utensils, fit in a dining table, or hey, even a huge refrigerator and a dishwasher! This place will contain all the space you will ever need to counter that mess you encounter in your conventional kitchen. And another added advantage is the fact that you can throw in all the mess that occurs in your normal kitchen so your guests will never, ever need to see the shambles and jumbles!

                                                                            Wood-inspired Interior Design

prep kitchen

Distinct Him/Her Restrooms


Hear us out, before you skip this section! Many of us do not like sharing restrooms. As much a revelation as it might seem, it is a cold and hard fact. Many people do want separate restrooms, children and adults alike! While this is definitely a quirky addition to your homes, it will remove that “Why do I need to share my bathroom with him/her?” feeling that you might have! The addition is simple. You can either use Post-Its, or spend a little extra money to customize a plastic board that reads out Him/Her.

Distinct Him/Her Restrooms

Outdoor Showers  


Again, this is a simple concept and will work only in custom homes! Picture yourselves bathing under the darkness of night, under the stars! Mostly incorporated in balconies, this is a very unique and distinct addition to your homes! Imagine popping out of the showers, and immediately relaxing in your balconies, away from everything. Just pure chilling.

outdoor shower

Indoor/Outdoor Pool


Swimming pools are often situated outside one’s home. It’d preferably be accessible, and not too far away from the reach of your house. Imagine a fusion of this. A swimming pool that starts from the outside, and makes its way inside! Essentially, the maintenance required for both types of pool is very similar: the chemistry and balance of the water should be carefully monitored and maintained, and the walls and floor of the pool should be regularly cleaned and vacuumed. There are some key differences, however, in the way you should treat indoor and outdoor pools. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that as an indoor pool isn’t subject to the volume of debris an outdoor pool might receive, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often, but this is not the case! Both types of swimming pools can get contaminated really fast, and it is very important that they are given equal importance!

indoor pool

Swing Set Tables


Normal coffee tables are age old and boring. Even if you have designated chairs that match its design, many people will still find it monotonous and label it a bore. This is fixable! Add swing-type attached chairs to your table and your set! The BIGGEST advantage involved in this is the fact that your chairs won’t move when you sit on them. Believe us, even though nobody talks about chairs getting moved inadvertently, it angers the best of us! This also adds a niche sort of style to your decor, and will definitely set your coffee drinking experience a level apart!

swing set table

Sand for Your Feet Under Your Work Desk!


This is as quirky as it gets, we know! But imagine yourselves working on your laptop with the comfort and feel of fresh beach sand under your feet to just chill with! We know, it sounds funky, and totally incredible! Although this is an excellent idea to incorporate, the maintenance and general costs to keep it up and running will be very high. Also, if you’ve got people in your family that are not okay with the fact of sand particles getting stuck on their feet everytime they walk about that work area, then you’ve really got something to worry about! Another key disadvantage in incorporating this is the fact that you’ve got to replace the sand every once in a while and constantly take out fresh ones. The factors involved in maintaining it are high, and is certainly very quirky, but if you pull it off and are completely okay with a few sand particles spread around the house, then you can certainly go for this!

Sand for Your Feet Under Your Work Desk

Certainly, many of the elements mentioned in this article are absolutely quirky and funky! But one thing’s for sure: it will definitely spice up your home, and do away with any sign of monotony!

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