The Rattan Type and Why You Need Them


Rattan is the name used to describe around six hundred species of palm that originate in the Malay region. If you have not given it a glance at all whatsoever over the past couple of years, then you are definitely missing out on a lot. Rattan is one of the most beautiful materials that you can use to make your furniture with. Like other types of wood that are natural, Rattan is not a natural type of wood.

Previously, Rattan was a material that was used primarily for conservative or garden based furniture. These days however, Rattan has transformed into being a completely trendy and contemporary material that a lot of people use for their furnitures. Also, there are a lot of Rattan furniture ideas available that are really hot and moving.


Read on to find out the different types of furniture that you can incorporate Rattan with.

Six Ways to Easily Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

The Bed


If you love looks that are beautifully classy and uplifting, then you should build your bed frame with the Rattan material. If you fancy a beautiful and stupendous look, then this is your go-to. You can completely transform the outlook of your bedroom with bed frames that have been crafted with Rattan. It simply delves with charm, and with all the materials beautifully blended together, it simply oozes with an amazing charm. You need to find the right people who manufacture these things as they are intricate, and hence have to serve the purpose of being durable as well. If you end up getting a product that is not on top of the line, then you would face the risk of it breaking down in the middle of the line!

rattan bed frame -beautiful furniture

The Side Table


There are also Rattan chests which are constructed with hinged lids and also tends to have large spaces which can be used to store things. This evokes a sense of utmost classic quality and blends in well with your interiors amazingly well. These chests also double up as side tables that you can place some plants, books and your steaming hot cup of coffee on! They are generally well made, and sturdy but you should ensure that they are built well, with durable materials so that it does not fall!

Rattan side table - beautiful furniture

Corner Sofa Sets

This is another popular option when it comes to Rattan styles of furniture which gives an amazing seating arrangement for your home or garden! The trick is to incorporate them into conventional sofa sets and it simply oozes with contemporary looks. It would definitely add an amazing style factor. Several manufacturing companies construct a wide range of configurations that you can choose to go for and this also allows a couple of corner sets to be used for informal seating arrangements and formal dining events!

rattan corner sofa set -beautiful furniture

Traditional Rattan Sofa Sets


This is another style that is very much popular in a lot of homes, and gives a beautiful look to your house. The traditional type of rattan sofa sets are specifically used for relaxed and informal seating arrangements. These types of Rattan furniture look really classy, and these sofas give a really good look to your house. These arrangements can also be used in the garden. These sofa sets are however limited in their usage abilities and are difficult to be used in a lot of scenarios. Even though this is very traditional, there are now several options of modern design that has really set a beautiful trend that is being used constantly and consistently in these days.

Traditional Rattan Sofa Sets - beautiful furniture

Reasons Why you Need Rattan Furniture


Rattan types of furnishings work absolutely great for a wide range of settings and lifestyles, whether you have a big family or a small one!

Rattan Comes in Many Different Shapes and Sizes


The rattan type of material comes in many different types of shapes and sizes and also styles. It is not only armchairs and sofas that you get completely embezzled in. You can also incorporate them in many different styles of furnitures such as dining sets, and outdoor furnishings, coffee tables, and occasional tables and much more! Because of its varied set of furnitures, you would not need to worry about mismatched furnishings again.

rattan furniture

Rattan is very Eco-Friendly


As mentioned before in the article, rattan is a very popular palm which is formed in the Asian region, and Africa. And because of this and the fact that it grows in standing water, it only grows in forests. This means that your furniture promotes reforestation, and it is one of the best crops for smallholding, which means that it supports some of the poorest people providing them with jobs!


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