Decorating the interiors of your home, oftentimes sounds complicated, daunting and intimidating; more so than it needs to be. There are a lot of guidelines that are available out there which guides you through the various specific placements and positions of all the various things in your house. The real obstacle or challenge however is to determine what will work and not work in the place that you have so that you can create an interior design that is both aesthetic and completely functional.


Achieving this balance usually takes a lot of time and a little bit of trial and error that you yourself can incorporate. But at the end of it all, it is absolutely rewarding. The earth tone style of interior decoration usually involves using some warm hues and colors in all the rooms of your house. Incorporating these colors will help you bring out a welcoming sense of serenity in your home, and that is one of the most important factors in advocating your home to people when they visit, so that they feel at home almost immediately.

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Using Warm Colors in your Living Room


Earthy tones usually involve the usage of colors such as brown, and other types of soft colors which will give your home a smooth envisage. Brown, tanned colors and other hues also provocate the same sense of comfort and relaxation you are naturally supposed to get from conventional homes. These colors are beautiful, enveloping, and friendly, and as a result of this they immediately have an impact on anybody who visits your house, all in a space where these colors are used. These types of colors usually tend to lean toward more of the energetic types of palettes, and are completely neutral, but all the more keeping things on an even keel at the same time.


In addition, if you’re one to display artworks in your living room, you have to maintain a warm color scheme. This makes the spaces that you have in your house completely proportionate to the size of the walls that it is hung upon.

earth tones for living room -home decor

Living rooms are commonly social rooms, and it usually the place where a lot of members from your family and visiting guests can simply talk and be together. These colors foster a sense of comradeship as well as a welcoming sense of ambience in your homes. You must however look to use paints that are lighter on your ceilings, compared to the ones you use on your walls to keep your space totally cozy and inviting.

earth-tone-decor-living room

Earthy Tones in your Bedroom


A lot of warm and organic colors usually tend to complement your place when you use them the right way. Some of these colors include the color green, brown, tans, creams and even purple in the warmer sense. These colors even sound soothing as you read them! Why these colors are important in the bedroom is because of the fact that they create a sense of serenity and especially in a place like your bedroom, they are very much important.

Bedroom-Decoration-Earth-Tones - home-decor

For your walls, you need to go with colors that are one-sided and accented, in a completely rich and warm earth tone. To achieve this, you can go with warm purple, or even gray as these two colors signify this type of design really well. The darker and deeper your shade is, hues do not matter, it will result in absolute instant feeling of more available space.

earth tone for wall - home decor

For windows, it would make sense for you to smoothen out the transition that is involved in bright natural lights. You need to have beautiful, smooth and soft textiles on your bed so that it is as welcoming and comforting as your room’s colors. These colors will most definitely bring out a stupendous and peaceful balance that the most bedroom inherently contains.

warm earth tone for windows - home decor

If you are looking for a more soothing and calm outlook for your bedroom, then you should go for soft colors and hues that would most definitely be right up to your tastes and desires. A lot of people do not like darkness and the grittiness of the true sense of earthy tones, and for these people softer colors should be their number one choice. Soft colors such as purple, pink, green, blue and even softer shades of brown can create an absolutely beautiful backdrop to the more darkness and gritty tones of conventional earth tones. And this should be your number one choice for painting your children’s rooms as they would definitely prefer these kinds of colors rather than dark earthy colors.


We hope you had as much fun reading this article as we did writing it! Do stay tuned for more content, and follow these guidelines to incorporate an absolutely beautiful earthy outlook for your home. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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