A lot of foreigners who visit our beautiful country, are left awe-struck by our diversity and varying culture. Our interior design is diverse as well, but there are a lot of common elements that we incorporate in our interior design so well that this leaves a lot of people mystified!


Indian Interior Decoration


This style of interior decor is one of the most complex and tough designs to understand and work with. Our country’s culture is varied, and hence there are a lot of different styles of Indian Interior Decor. However complex and multifarious our cultures are, there are common elements that totally captivate our overall sense and vigor.


Here are seven elements you can incorporate into your house to add some desi flavor into your homes!




Our country has always been a fan of using grandeur colors, in a lot of situations. Be it a poster design, an ad, and take our country’s flag for instance. The beautiful colors of orange, green, white, and blue advocate our diversity. Being such a huge fan of an incredibly huge range of colors in the pallette, it is only natural that our interiors are as colorific as well. Indians tend to use bi-color themes, which literally means mix and matching an equal balance of great colors to go along with the interiors of the house. Earthy tones, like Yellow, and Orange are primarily common and you can incorporate many different colors, which are matchable, to bring out that true Indian vibe in your home!


Wood Furniture


Wood is classy. There’s no argument on that fact. Indians do have an impeccable range of wooden craftsmanship as well. Our craftsmanship consists of sculptures of Hindu deities, made either in pure wood, metal or ivory. Wooden furniture is a standard among Indian interior design due to the fact that they are extremely durable. Wood is also resistant to constant weather changes, as is common in India and this makes it a popular choice for consumers to go for wooden furniture that will add a formidable touch of class to your interiors!

Wood-inspired Interior Design

Indian wood furniture

Decorative Cabinets


Many houses come with these cabinets consisting of classy Indian patterns and design embedded on them. Many people opt for these designs to be put up on doors of worship rooms, and their bedroom doors. Cabinet doors in wardrobes are generally an amazing mix of functionality and aesthetics. Mirrors, stones, et cetera are added to storage units. These decorative pieces of craft can be used to lighten the tone of the places.

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Cabinets for kitchen

Seating Places


Indian hospitality is distinct in itself. This is why there exist specialized seating places within the space of people’s houses for conversations. These seating places are usually arranged in informal places throughout the room, for a perfect and balanced conversation. Diwans, small sofas and chairs are commonly used in Indian homes, and this style arrangement can actually keep the conversation going! As an added bonus, you could also go for carpets and rugs to add some fluency to your arrangement. Swings or jhoolas as they’re commonly referred to are added for nostalgic and design purposes as they are really fun to use, and can keep a good conversation flowing!

Seating place -Diwan

Handspun Fabrics

India have a surplus amount of fabric types that are used extensively in homes. Handmade fabrics are extremely popular in India, and they can be used in a lot of ways. We can use them as shades for windows, on the beds, and on sofas or diwans. This, in turn, creates a sort of distinct feel for homes, and can positively enlighten your mood. Besides the aesthetic value of these handmade fabrics, they do feel good when touched. They have a durability factor attached to them and feel absolutely solid.

Handspun fabrics - Indian interiors -living room

Patterns and Motifs


Our country is known for its exceptional artwork and design. From graffiti paintings on the foundations of bridges, to excellent nature-inspired artwork, India does have a really good set of artists to work with. Most common types of design in our country include jungle-inspired artwork which includes animals, flowers, birds, and naturistic trees, and et cetera. Our country being culturally vibrant, these patterns and motifs really do have some deep ingrained significance to them. You can incorporate these designs tapestries, quilt patchworks, and patterns for mosaic flooring.


Paintings and Pictures


Being culturally vibrant, calls for paintings which are similarly crafted! There are different artistic styles for every region in our country, from the beautiful gold-leaf style paintings popular in Tanjore, to miniature paintings from Rajasthan. Paintings and pictures serve the purpose of being centerpieces and when placed along with beautifully-made statues, the circle is complete! Statues that can be used to complement paintings and pictures are those of camels, elephants, and even large deity statues. Statues made of stone, terracotta and metal will really even out the paintings, pictures and the statues and make your room feel like it has a lot of space, in spite of placing all these ornaments.

indian painting

In conclusion, India does have a lot of culturally aesthetic and significant types of design, and it is important to ensure that you go for a design most well-suited for you and what works within the space of your house.


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