Renovating your house has to be done to make your home appear way more appealing and beautiful than it actually is. Everytime you consider renovating your home, you should view it as a business or project plan that needs extensive planning and consideration.


One way you could go about it would be to hire a design specialist, and he or she would definitely plan it for you. But the fact remains that if you want to save your hard-earned money, the first step you would have to take is to enforce charge of the project and opt for ‘do it to yourself’ for a lot of things!


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The major key to renovating your house, staying on budget and get a beautiful result is to primarily plan the entire process out, that is everything that has to be done, effectively. In this article we discuss and demonstrate how you can split your entire renovation ideas into sub-plans, according to the space you have available for you and renovate your home simply and thoughtfully. Here are ten simple, elementary and undemanding ways you can plan to renovate your house!


Split Out Your Processes


As it was mentioned a bit earlier in this article, thoughtful evocation and planning is the key to the productive renovation of your home. When you choose to renovate the house yourself, you will definitely need to focus on a big picture and a small picture to get a compelling overview. As a popular saying goes, “the whole picture is definitely better than its parts”! You can apply a similar strategy to your home renovation project and devise a proper renovation plan for each and every area in your house. If you hire an architect or a designer for the renovation process, they would assess the requirements particular to your home and renovate accordingly. In this case since you’re totally in charge, you will be able to brainstorm your requirements authoritatively, write what you want out of your house ultimately, decide the overall end result, and move on to the next step.

Split Out the Processes - home renovation



Since you would want to renovate your house economically and stay within your monetary capabilities, it is very important for you to decide and arrive at the total expenditure requirements for renovation. It is important to remember in this stage, you cannot overestimate your budget or keep it understated, and leave it at that; each and every person will be able to afford only in a particular price range of things, and hence each and every thing that you need must be thought out, written down, and alternatively, scratched out if you don’t need them. Constant consideration, and re-consideration can really help you save a lot of money.

Budgeting -Home renovation

Comprehensive Researching


You will be surprised at the number of options you have available once you start your research. The beautiful lamp that you liked at a high-end home goods store can be purchased at a lower price from elsewhere. There are always options available for you. So, when you renovate your house on a limited budget it would make sense to remember that if you end up researching to find the furniture you like, paint you want or the designs you would like in your house, you are likely to find most of the supplies at a very inexpensive price. High prices do not always mean high quality. More often than not, you will be able to find high quality materials at low prices as a result of effective researching. You should also opt for online shopping, thrift stores and second hand furniture shops and see where that takes you because all three mentioned options are relatively inexpensive when compared to going to retail stores!

Comprehensive Researching -Home Renovation

Focus on Your Doors


The first impression that anybody gets out of your house is the way your door is designed. If you are unable to modify your existing door completely and if that door is in a very good condition, you should consider repainting it. The way your doors are designed can very well affect the lighting of your room. When you deal with a dark room, whatever color is used on the walls, the ceilings must be painted, trimmed, and doors must be painted the same color, and must be done so fifty percent lighter than the walls themselves! Too much usage of one shade can overpower a space. So, when you renovate on a limited wallet space, and you choose to repaint your door, try to use different shades according to the concentration of light in your house to optimize the lighting of your house the way you feel it would suit your house!

Doors -Home RRenovation

Paint Color Choices Affect the Mood and Lighting


As mentioned earlier, the colors you use while painting your house affects its lighting conditions and while renovating your house you might opt for a fresh new color. All you would have to do is ensure that it goes along well with the house. In this case, if you already are on a tight budget, purchasing different colored paint liquids might seem like a very insensible thing to do. If you are on a tight budget, it would make sense to opt for a black and white palette as it will give your house a modern, sophisticated look, and you will definitely see the visual representation of ‘you can never go wrong with white or black’ in real life!

Paint Choices -Home Renovation

Use Mirrors in Small Rooms


If your end-goal is to make a small house look bigger than an inexpensive and beautiful way of achieving that goal is to use mirrors. It’s an inexpensive technique, simple and a completely ‘do-it-yourself’ thing from start to finish. Placing mirrors in smartly thought-out areas can really make a small room look bigger, and hey, the more mirrors you have in your house, you can keep checking yourself out!

Use Mirrors in Small Rooms -Home renovation

Storage Areas and the Kitchen


While decorating or renovating  your house, you are most-likely trying to declutter and maximize your storage options. Utilizing your kitchen to its utmost capacity can help you minimize your storage problems considerably. In order to do this and stick to a low budget, you can either opt for kitchen cabinets or storage boxes from recycled material to be used at your house, or take advantage of the thrift shops in your area to get very cheap storage solutions done. No one knows your kitchen space better than you do. This will not only help you save money and reuse the old materials in your house but it will also effectively ensure that you’re going for exactly what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you already have cabinets which are more than enough for storage, then you do not need to replace them. You can simply choose to repaint them with different and vibrant colors to make your kitchen look as good as new!

Kitchen renovation

Light Comes through the Windows


Your indoor living experience is complemented by how well your house is lit from outside and natural light! So when you choose to remodel your house, you should seriously consider installing large windows. Large windows let in lots of light! However, you might not have the monetary funds to change your windows completely and replace them with something that has been built from scratch! In this case, you can just mix and match with paint colors. Paint your windows a shade lighter than the rest of the room to maximize the light coming in through the windows.

Light Comes through the Windows -Home Renovation

Bathroom Renovation


You would be totally surprised at the number of inexpensive yet quality products you can purchase to renovate your bathroom! If you are looking to install new toiletry items, you can check out Toto Toilets, and if that is not the case, you can decide to make major modifications to your existing toilet by changing its paint color, changing cabinet colors, by fixing the pressure of shower and et cetera!

Bathroom renovation

Floor Renovation


When you are on a limited budget constraint, your floor renovation costs might seem very expensive, and if you cannot find a flooring installation under your budget, you should definitely invest in renovating everything else in your home and tailoring them according to your overall flooring design!

Choosing to renovate your house is a very positive step towards completing that dream of yours, and making it perfect! Know any other ways to go about renovating the house? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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