Modular Kitchens


A complete overhaul of your kitchen might seem to be a daunting task. Why wouldn’t it be? When you move into your new house, the kitchen is already pre-designed and many people choose to live with however it has been constructed. Down the line, however, ideas on how to further modify it or revamp it will being to germinate.


The rough idea you have would best be translated onto paper. Because only you know what you want, and it would work better if all your ideas are recorded so that you don’t lost track of it.


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Know What You Want


You know your home better than anybody else does, so why do you want to give the entire responsibility of your modular kitchen into somebody else’s hands? Before you contact an interiors expert, you should do some groundwork yourself. A good place to start would be to measure each and every bit of space you have in your kitchen. This should be done so that the overall space you have available in your kitchen does not go to waste!

Measuring kitchen space

Types of Kitchen Design


After you are done sizing up your kitchen area, it would be really smart on your part if you also decide upon the type of kitchen you want. There are various kinds of kitchen designs and depending upon your kitchen size, you must settle upon the best one. This aspect is very important due to the fact that after your kitchen has been modified or constructed, it would be very difficult to make changes to it.


The three main types of kitchen designs are:


  1. Single-Wall Kitchens
  2. L-Shaped Kitchens and
  3. U-Shaped Kitchens


There is a fourth type of kitchen which can be termed ‘generic’ or put into the ‘others’ category. While many people choose the ‘generic’ type, one of the best designs you could choose to go for would be the L-Shaped, as it is very minimalistic, and you’d have some extra space remaining to fit in a small dining table. Dining in the kitchen is very advantageous as you could have food on the go with every accessory in close proximity!

L-shaped modular kitchen

Crockery Units


While going for Crockery Units, it is very important to decide upon how much of each accessory you want. On one end of the spectrum there’s too much and on the other there’s too less. You need to know how many crockery accessories you have, and decide on how many storage units you want to construct to store them all. From plate holders to pull-out pantries, you have to meticulously calculate the sizes you feel would be most apt, before you can be pushed into choosing something that would not be right for you.

crockery accessories -modular kitchen

Choice of Wood


India is truly blessed to have a continuous surplus of wood choices. There are two choices of wood materials everybody can choose from, that is, natural wood and artificial wood. Many people have, in recent times, started opting for the latter in lieu of being eco-friendly. But the look and feel of natural wood has been largely unmatched. The options of natural wood include, Salwood, Teakwood, Rosewood, and Padauk Wood. Out of the four, teakwood and rosewood are popular options, with rosewood leading the game. There is always an inexplicable aura that the rosewood transmits whenever one sees it.


On the contrary, there are a lot of artificial wood options as well. These woods are mass manufactured in detailed fashion. The options available in this category are plywood, MDF, HDF, and many more. Out of all these options, plywood has proven to be the most sought-after with pro-eco and cost-conscious people. In all honesty, the type of wood you use and the way you maintain it will affect how long your kitchen retains its natural beauty and cleanliness.


Estimate the Cost of Your Modular Kitchen Now!

Artificial Wood -modular kitchen



People have always been a fan of exceptional design. High quality designs are always preferred by anybody who would like their interiors to be designed. One factor that you have to keep in mind while picking out the design for your kitchen interiors is that choosing a design that will not go well with the overall outlook of your house will lead to oddity. If your house is minimally designed, then you should choose a design for your kitchen interiors that gels well with the minimalistic nature. Alternately, if you have really exceptional interiors, then it makes sense to go with high-quality modular kitchen designs.


Ultimately, it is the utility value of your kitchen interior that will eventually hold out your expenditure’s value. It is also to be noted that top-of-the-line design options will make you shell out more from your pocket. Hence, it is necessary to plan out your options, or better yet, you can use AR applications like Roomie 3D & AR Room Planner to extensively bring your ideas to life on your iPhone. Made by a German application developer, you can easily design your modular kitchen and once you point your camera at the place where you are going to build your modular kitchen, you can continuously see how they’d look.

Innovative modular kitchen

In conclusion, planning out your modular kitchen is an extensive task and will take months to fully reap the benefits of it. Reiterating what was stated earlier in the article, it is very important to be cost-effective, eco-friendly, and choosing a design that fits and gels well with the overall look and feel of your house.

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Do you have any other suggestions on how to go about designing a modular kitchen? Enlighten us in the comments below!

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