Types of Wood you can use for your Interiors!


From natural wooden materials to mass produced man-made types, there are an endless amount of choices of wood that you can opt for while choosing to decorate your interiors. Even though some people prefer to go with the man-made types of wood, citing pro-eco reasons, which have a wooden look to it, they simply do not have that pure wooden feel to it.


The overall feel of nature woods really is a class apart. From their vague pleasant smell, to their plainly visible genuinity, nature woods really are longer lasting and is an option that many people go for!


Here are a list of various types of wood you can choose while deciding to give your interiors a swish.

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Oak Wood


There is no such thing as an “oak wood” per se, but the term has become an household name while referring to the type of wood that is extracted from oak trees. Oak wood is generally a very good type of wood that has great strength. This makes it one of the most durable types of wood that you can go for. It has a density of around 0.75 g/cm3, thus creating tremendous strength and hardness.

Oak wood

Cedar Wood


Cedar wood is the type of wood that is acquired from the Cedrus Deodara species of trees. Commonly referred to as Deodar, this type of wood is commonly known for its excellence in durability, rot-resistance, and fine-close grains because of which it can be polished. In India, it is can be routinely seen incorporated in the sculptures and landscaping purposes in religious temples. Even though it is highly durable, it has not been classified as a strong timber, and hence cannot be used in the construction of chairs, sofas, et cetera. But it can be used in lieu with other types of wood to get that fine-grain finish which is so pleasing to the eye.

cedar wood

Padauk Wood


This wood is yielded from the Pterocarpus species of trees and are primarily of African and Asian origin. Mostly being reddish in color, these types of woods are valued for their strength and durability and are classified as one of the strongest timbers out in the market. They can be used for decorative purposes and can be extensively used for constructing stable household interiors.


Fun Fact: Padauk wood contains soluble substances within them, and can be put to use as dyes.


Teak Wood


Teak woods are derived from the tropical hardwood species of tree commonly known as the Lamiaceae. Teak woods have a high content of oil ingrained in them, and exceptional tensile strength which makes them highly suitable for use in poor weather conditions as they are highly resistant to water. This type of wood can be used to construct furniture, flooring, and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. Also, due to their high durability, they are used to make boat decks. Teak woods have the tendency to develop into a silvery finish over time, mainly when exposed to great amounts of sunlight.

teak wood

Walnut Wood


The Juglans plant genus produce the incredible species of Walnut Oak. There are two types of wood that can be acquired from Walnut Trees: Common Walnut Oak, and Black Walnut Oak. The Walnut timber is extremely attractive, dense, and tightly grained. The oak can also be polished to a smooth finish. Walnut oaks really are vibrant because of the fact that they can be polished to any color of your choice. They can be polished to a sort of creamy white color on one end of the spectrum, and a dark-chocolate-ish color on the other. Because of its color, adaptability, and strength, walnut wood finished furniture and materials are highly valued and prized.

walnut wood

Alder Wood


The birch family of Betulaceae produces oak commonly known as Alder. These trees are spread throughout the north temperate zones, and a few of their species available in the Central American region. They are used for many purposes. Ranging from being used in Guitars, to being anti-inflammatory purposes via their salicylic acid extracts, they really do serve a diverse range of purposes. Their hardwood is used for making furniture, cabinets and other interior products. They are highly durable and of considerable strength and hence are a common choice for many households.

alder wood -door

Purple Heart Wood


Peltogyne is species of wood, and including purpleheart, violet wood, and amarnath, they go by a lot of names in a lot of different places. Peltogyne is prized for their gorgeous heartwood. When this is cut, they turn from a light brown color, to a rich purple hue. The timber is very stiff and durable. Purple heart wood is extremely difficult to work with and hence, this makes it very expensive.

purple heart wood

Lyptus Wood

lyptus wood modern-kitchen-wooden-house-interior-design

This is exotic, yes, and everybody are intrigued by exotic stuff! This type of wood is very rare and extremely beautiful when used. This type of wood is extracted from the Eucalyptus plant, which itself has a wide-range of uses to go by. Naturally light, this type of wood gets darker when exposed to a rigorous UV process, and this makes it a really vivacious type of wood.

Natural wood types are beautiful and there is no doubt about it. But the fact remains that trees have lives and it really isn’t a good thing on our part to keep using them for our decorative purposes. There really has to be an equal balance between the natural types of wood used to the man-made types so that you can be slightly eco-friendly as well!


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