Your home office is supposed to be divine. Working at home has its own set of advantages, the main one being the comfort factor involved. All this sounds great, but when you have a disastrous surrounding, you are more than likely to not be able to work to your full potential. It is hence very important that your home office is organized to its full potential! Here are seven ways you can organize your home office for you to be able to work religiously!

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Colorize Your Filing System


One of the best ways to kickstart your organizational endeavor is to start filing your documents. An incredible way to do this would be to color code all your files! A well-organized filing system indicates brilliant technique. For example, you can use the color green for financial folders, red for medical, purple for insurance, orange for personal! It all depends upon you and you can tailor your folders according to your needs!

 Colorize Your Filing System -home office

Organize Your Clutter


One of the unsolved queries in all of mankind is how papers start cluttering up in and around the office space! It happens so suddenly and easily, that we don’t even notice them happening! To solve this debacle, it is better to take control of it before it gets out of hand! You can go through each and every paper in your clutter carefully and file them in systems of three. Throw it away, shed it, or you can file it! Again, it is very important that you read through each and every paper before deciding to throw it, as one of the biggest disadvantages involved while organizing is forgetting where you placed the important papers, and requiring a piece of paper and realizing later on that you’ve thrown it away!

 Organize Your Clutter -home office

Systematize your Mail


In this day and age it would be surprising to note that physical mails are still a thing! It is being continuously received and sent out; but one of the worst factors involved in physical mails that are existent in emails is the fact that emails are organized by default, but physical mails are not. For this, you can create a mail station. You can create a separate folder for the mails that each and every family member of your house so that it will be easier for them to locate their mails just by navigating to their folder! Once you file every incoming mail, you can go through it at the end of the week carefully, to ensure that only your mails are existent in the folder and not mixed up with somebody else’s.


Place Your Printer at a Separate Place


Allocate your printer and office supplies to a separate place, away from your main working space. It would be better if you have a wireless printer. And if you do, it does not need to be on top of your main working desk. Keeping the printer around your main working space will tend to occupy so much of space that can be used for some other purpose! It would be better if you place it in a cabinet, away from your main area so that you will have a lot of space to work with and won’t feel constrained!

Placing printer at a separate place -home office

Office Supplies


Your office supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, et cetera are the major culprits that occupy lots of space! You can use containers, baskets and boxes to store all these items and in turn, it will give your office a very clean look. One of the most demotivating factors to work at home is noticing the clutters of papers, office supplies and other items to bog you down. When you place these items in organizational boxes and containers, you can be assured that their missing sight will give you a clear-headed peace of mind to work with!

office supplies -home office

Categorize the Items In Your Office


You can categorize the items in your office by placing them together. Your home office will definitely become more accessible and functional if you do this. You can sort out all your basic functional tools together, your stationery, envelopes, stamps, et cetera. The most important thing that you have to follow is marking them all. Marking them all is basically categorizing them, and once you do this you will be able to find everything at the snap of a finger!

Categorize the Items-home office

Arrange Your Books


How many times have you searched for a book and have not been able to find it purely due to the fact that it was kept somewhere you usually don’t keep them or simply because you have misplaced it? To solve this, simply arrange your books either Author-wise, or simply by name. This will save you so much of time when you’re looking for that one book to read that you’ve always wanted to! Another way you can do this is by organizing them on the basis of their genre! So, the next time you’re looking for a Stephen King novel, you’ll know just where to find the book: under the horror genre!

arranging books -home office

These are the methodologies you can incorporate to make your home office both functional and practical! Organization is a key element in your being able to work effectively, and once you follow these methods, you are definitely well on your way! Are you aware of any more methods? Mention them in the comments below!

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