Here’s how to plan a game room - it is the latest trend!

TNN | Aug 21, 2018, 04.09 PM IST

Game room is no more a ‘boy’ thing, women are equally interested in gaming and the general interest spreading towards all kinds of games has also escalated the need to have a game room in your urban home! Apart from being the latest trend in the metropolitan cities, setting up a ‘game room’ also means you are setting up a great stress buster corner of your home which can be often used to unwind.

Whether it’s a foosball table, air hockey or a full-gear PS4 setup, there are few guidelines you can follow to create a hip game room. Note down these essentials and get ready to unwind in the coolest room in your neighbourhood!


Before setting up the room, you need to plan the layout and the map for lining up the wires and cables. We advice, keep one wall - the big one - free to install a screen or game consoles. If you want one of the lavish granite chess boards, which can also be a permanent installation, you would need to decide a specific place for it, probably in one of the corners.

Planning the games

Before getting any table games, you need to decide how many games you need to get into room which will greatly depend on the size of the room. You cannot get a big foosball table and a pool table together. If you wish to install a pool table, you can either invest in a small foosball table and stuff the board games in the centre table with storage. But this would mean that you would also have less space for installing a LED or your exclusive granite chess board. Hence, the key is to plan!


This room needs to be a little different from the other rooms but it should speak about your attitude. Decide upon the lights and wall arts or wall papers according to the tone of the room you would want to keep. Choose a theme that energises as well as relaxes you whenever you enter the room. It should also be equipped with lights and sound system supports for the game night parties that you would want to host.

A place you can transform

Do you know that you can turn a pool table into a dining table? Yes, there is a lot happening to support game-room transformations and you must take complete advantage of it. Make this special room comfortable with bean bags, comfort rugs and cozy corners for kids and family as well and you can use it for relaxing brunches and movie nights too.